Line Up

Sarah Jane Heaton-Caffin

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and have worked with other bands in the past including a stint singing on cruise ships. Its great fun being in Echo. We know how to have a fantastic time as well as getting the job done in a professional way.

Matt Peck

Hi, I’m Matt, guitarist and vocalist in Echo. Ive been in Echo since day one back in January 2004. Ive also been in a few other bands on and off over the years.

Echo is such a fun band to be part of for all this time. I really enjoy the variety of gigs we do and most importantly enjoy performing. 12 plus years is a long time for any band to last. Long may it continue.

Chris Plaister

Hi, I’m Chris Plaister, properly the oldest member of the Band but definitely as the youngest mentality. I love Music, Football and my lady.

I started playing bass in the early 80’s. Most success was with a band called Secret troop. I called it a day when they toured Europe and I started my own Garage Business. I made the right decision. After that I didn’t play for 15 years until I formed a three piece band called Lightning Strike which included the original drummer of ECHO, Andy. I met Pete, Matt and Emma for one practice and ECHO was formed. Echo has seen a few lineup changes over the years but I love the music we play especially as we change the set as often as possible to keep things moving!

Born in Swindon a long time ago. I have lived here all my life. I have two children and two failed marriages (Thats rock and roll). I own my own Garage Business.

Tom ‘Macca’ McCarthy

I love music that’s all you need to know everything from Fairport Convention to Ad

I’m Tom but everyone calls me Macca. I just love to be playing, singing and performing. Echo is a great band to be in

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